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Jazzpodium 09/07

Reiner Kobe

His distinctive tenor saxophone sound reminds one of Charlie Parker‘s sharply intoned alto sax. The Freiburg- based Jürgen Hagenlocher, however, says that his ideal “is a very lean, sharp tone that is nevertheless as soft as possible, inspired by John Coltrane.“ This sound is also to be found on the debut album. Hagenlocher has written seven pieces, tailor-made for his quartet. The two standards “All the things you are” and “On Green Dolphin Street” are changed in form and harmony, and brought into line with the quartet‘s sound. Modern mainstream is the result and its sounds good.
The Hammond organ is the central figure, never exaggerated or with over-heavy chords. Thomas Bauser forms a unit with the guitarist Dano Haider, as is so often the case in jazz history. When one of them plays a solo, the other provides the harmonic background. Bauser provides a discreet background when the saxophonist gets going with his sharp edges. No bassist is necessary because drummer Jörg Eckel lays down a solid rhythmic foundation. Relaxed, springy swing is the name of the game – and this Freiburg-based band is a real treat for the ears.

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