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CD releases

"Live at Montreux Jazzfestival" (Bob Mintzer, George Robert, Bert Joris and the SJS Big Band) sold out!

1998 "Thank you Mr. C" (Hagenlocher-Merk-Freudenthaler-Trio) sold out!

2000 "The Monster Starts to cry" (Dave Scherler’s Camouflage) sold out!

2001 "Colours" (The Contemporary Big Band Project) sold out!

2002 "Goethe in Freiburg" (a production of the Goethe Institute) sold out!!

2007 "Episodes" (Juergen Hagenlocher) - € 10.00

2009 "Confusion" (Juergen Hagenlocher) - € 15.00

2010 "Jazz Meets Pop" (Schuermann/Hagenlocher) - € 8.00

2010 "Yes Or No" (Michael Poehlmann) buy CD at: www.jazzandrecords.de

2011 "Leap In The Dark" (Juergen Hagenlocher) - € 15.00

2013 "Flow Of Spirits" (Angelika Hoff) buy CD at: www.jazzandrecords.de

Shipping costs:
Shipping within germany and switzerland is free of charge,
europe-wide shipping is € 3.00,
world-wide shipping is € 7.00

Delivery is made against invoice. Please check the fees regulations of your bank if you transfer the payment from abroad.