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Juergen Hagenlocher Group

This band is available as quartet and as well as quintet instrumentation.

The band members are:
Juergen Hagenlocher - tenor saxophone
• Dano Haider - guitar
• Thomas Bauser - hammond organ
• Joerg Eckel - drums
• Matthias Bergmann - trumpet

In quintet instrumentation trumpeter Matthias Bergmann (cologne) is added to the well attuned band. Two CDs were recorded, Episodes (2007), Mons Records as quartet and confusion (2009), Mons Records as quintet with trumpeter Alex Sipiagin (New York).

Ack van Rooyen:
"Remarkable to listen to this CD from musicians who were unknown to me of the young generation. The music is challenging and takes a lot of instrumental and musical skill to perform. The compositions and soli are excellent with roots in the tradition. Words can say little about music, as it depends a lot on the mood in which it is perceived, and I am looking forward to hearing a live performance of this unit."

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