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Birmingham Times, 24.02.2012

Esther Callens

Additionally – when thinking of signature style, saxophonist extraordinaire Jürgen Hagenlocher has released another wonderful project. Leap In The Dark is his third CD that features a remarkable selection of the smoothest jazz recorded this decade. It is marvelous.
Joining Jürgen on Leap In The Dark is Alex Sipiagin (trumpet/flugelhorn), David Kikoski (piano), Boris Kozlov (bass) and Nate Smith (drums). The opener, „Pollyanna“ is a fantastic mid-tempo with a varying range that is excellent. „Corruptionists“ opens with a hypnotic percussion solo that leads to superior woodwinds. It is a great track. „April’s Mood! Is slightly somber and thoroughly enjoyable. The entire Leap In The Dark collective is an enchanting recording. Jürgen may not have invented the wheel (jazz) but he sure does put a perfect spin on it.
Jürgen Hagenlocher was born on Germany. In 1989, just four years after he started playing the saxophone at the age of 17, he won first prize at Youth Competition Friedrichshafen – his hometown. He has since been a vital force in the jazz genre.

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