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US-Tenorsaxophonist Ralph Lalama
"This recording, “Confusion”, by tenor saxophonist Jürgen Hagenlocher, is a well-conceived, superbly arranged and soulfully executed venture. Hagenlocher has brought together a group of musicians who are up to the task and who join him in breathing life into his compositions and arrangements. There is a palpable “simpatico” to this quintet. Trumpeter Alex Sipiagin draws clean, intelligent, energetic lines; guitarist Dano Haider aids and abets the forward motion of the music; organist Thomas Bauser grooves and turns – one moment flighty, the next funky – and carries the band along for the ride; drummer Jörg Eckel is solid, clear and loose at the same time. Hagenlocher himself leads the pack with his strong melodic ideas, fluid technique and poignant sound. As a listener, I really appreciate the musical offerings, reminiscent of the classic 60’s- and 70’s-era modality, yet spoken in the present time. I highly recommend this CD to any jazz fan who digs musical excursions that sound exploratory AND spontaneous. Lastly, the title must be tongue-in-cheek, because there’s no “confusion” here."

Ack van Rooyen
"Remarkable to listen to this CD from musicians who were unknown to me of the young generation. The music is challenging and takes a lot of instrumental and musical skill to perform. The compositions and soli are excellent with roots in the tradition. Words can say little about music, as it depends a lot on the mood in which it is perceived, and I am looking forward to hearing a live performance of this unit. Alex, Juergen, Dano, Thomas, Joerg - I wish you lots of luck in your promising careers."

US- Trompeter Randy Brecker
n Hagenlocher plays with a full bodied tone and has a fresh conception brimming with new ideas.
This is a first rate CD filled with great playing and compositions from all concerned."

US-Schlagzeuger John Riley
"Juergen Hagenlocher’s new CD is first class. It is well conceived, well recorded and inspiringly played.
Give it a listen."

US-Altsaxophonist Jim Snidero
"You and the group sound great. Congratulations."

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